Thursday, 17 January 2013

Stash Busting!

This wonderful Stash Busting Idea came from Cation Designs.  The idea is to pledge to use up fabric pieces from your stash .....  All is explained in this blog post:

So I'm in.

My pledge is to use at least 3 metres of fabric from my stash for every metre I buy throughout 2013.

Apparently we are also supposed to show a few photos of our stash.... Well I'll share this little bit.... there is more upstairs.....

 Anyway, this is my "sewing cave"  (as my daughters call it) - The sewing machine is stored in to the right, and 6 drawers of stuff... all conveniently in the kitchen - cos I sew on the kitchen table.

So the first STASHBUSTER PROJECT is going to be a cushion for the kitchen chair I use while sewing.  I fancy doing a bit of patchwork, so I think some of those little pieces I have gathered will get used up:

As always my helpers watch on and advise... 

Jack Jack never sits on the windowsill - but he seems to have commandeered both the dog beds I recently made!

So next is a cushion for ME rather than the dogs!  And hopefully I'll now spend a year using up all the fabric that my rather enthusiastic ebay habit has acquired!

Anyone else for STASH BUSTING!  It's time......   


  1. Hey! This is Jess from the FitBit Forum! I'm loving your stash busting challenge! I should probably do it myself... but then I'd have to stop buying so much fabric :) Excited to see what you make with your stash!

  2. Thanks Jess... I'm sitting on the first stash-busted item just now.. I made a cushion for the kitchen chair and finished it last night! Will post about it later today as I took photos. Cation Designs has started a Flickr page for pics of items made over the stash-busting challenge... all good fun!

  3. I look forward to seeing all the wonderful things you create! I'll be sewing too.


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