Thursday, 7 February 2013

The Girls Sew Too! - Coats for the Dogs

 One great thing about having a stash of material, is that when the notion takes "TO SEW"  there is always something in the cupboard to inspire.

This time it was my youngest daughter and my son's girlfriend who got inspired.  Coats for their dogs today!  First we made a newspaper pattern using and existing coat.

And with a bit of help from the dogs transferred it to some material...

Inner and outer trimmed to size... 

Out with the Singer sewing machines...

And here we go...

It's all about concentration

And the end result.... modelled on Honey and .... and ... well Gypsy wasn't here so a toy horse was drafted in to give the idea..

And later.... Gypsy in her new coat!

Two smart dogs I think.


  1. Oh my goodness! I can not believe your machines- how fun! I would love to sew on of those.

    Your coats look great too- wish my cats would let me dress them up :)

    1. We have several old Singer's here. Last year I started sewing again and took out the old Singer that my Gran gave me. The girls all loved it... so I had a bit of an ebay spree and bought them each their own one. The machines were not expensive - indeed carriage to N.Ireland was nearly as much. A little titivating and oiling and all of them run well now. I must do a post on them sometime, because each can be dated by the serial numbers....

      I think these are the best machines to learn on - because everything can be easily slowed right down... However for a lot of sewing the constant turning is tiring. I bought myself a new Singer over the summer ..... but I still sometimes sew on the old one just for fun. :)

  2. Ha ha..cute dogs. It's obvious your passion for sewing is infectious.


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