Thursday, 31 January 2013

Aspiring towards Dress-Making....(Help!)

I suppose I can't have a sewing machine and not at least attempt a dress!

I've been taking inspiration from some excellent online bloggers and watching with awe as fantastic wearable garments appear.

A search of the fabric I've recently bought reveals 3.4m of a nice navy/paisley soft poly fabric (1.1 g apparently) and I think I'd like to see what I can create with this.....

So, I went online and enthusiastically bought a pattern that I liked the look of in size 12 - my UK size.

And you've guessed it the pattern is of course US 12, which is going to complicate matters!  What do you think?  Do I try and fudge it down to my size, or should I buy another pattern?

And then the big thing will be will I wear it, and what on earth to put on my feet (I don't do heels) and legs (tights feel like fingernails running down a blackboard feel IMO)??

Comments please?


  1. I love your fabric! I'm excited to see your finished product.

    I am no good at sewing things I actually have to wear, but it's a goal of mine to get better at it! I wouldn't know where to start to change the size- hopefully you know much more than I do :)

    1. I think I'll have to look for a smaller pattern. This US 12 is the same as a UK 16 apparently, so there would be quite a few changes to make. Perhaps I could sell this one on ebay....

  2. Good grief Sally - a dress! I think I've seen you in a skirt. once!! But good for you - call round if you need a bit of help. Is your fabric stretchy? That will make a difference to the sizing. Emm 3.4m sounds an awful lot..... you'll be making tops as well.

    1. :) I know - I LOVE the idea of dresses, but am less good at actually putting them on in the morning!

      Glad to hear you think there is excess material - always good for ah-hem little alterations! I may make emergency contact if things go wonky.....

      I've also been scrolling back through some of your older creations. See, I loved that patchwork coat you made.... may try one of those some time.. My problem of course is having more ideas than sewing time.

  3. You are so creative! My boyfriend, of all people, has been wanting to reupholster our new chairs with patterns that we design ourselves, and I'm just no good at any of this creative stuff! Your shoulder bag looked so great by the way, I wish I could create something like that out of just some fabric.

    Good luck with the dress if you decide to go for it!

    1. Some sort of dress WILL be made! And worn! ;) I've found another pattern - not the same one, but at least in my size - so that should make it easier.

      I haven't tried re-upholstering, but I made loose covers for our living room seats once. I just pinned all the fabric on inside out over the chairs, cut away the extra material and then stitched the pin lines. Luckily they were chunky squarish sort of chairs. Good luck with your project, I'm sure it will turn out fine.


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