Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Cloth Roll Paint Brush Holder

I should have put some paintbrushes in this to show it off properly .... but this is a cloth roll for paintbrushes.  One piece of fabric and a little bias binding - so simple.

This first one was given to a friend in art class - and he very kindly gave me a donation towards the charity I raise funds for:  Invest in ME ( Their website and donation page here )

Anyway it seems that others are keen to get their hands on these cloth rolls, so I'm making a few more.  AND then I'll need to make one for myself too!  

Friday, 22 February 2013

Who noticed?

Just recently Sew Christine (http://sewchristine.blogspot.co.uk/) listed my blog in one of her posts.  (Thanks Christine & I've enjoyed reading the other blogs you listed too.... )

The link she used looked right when I read the address (http://sallysewssomething.blogspot.co.uk/)  - HOWEVER when I clicked on the link, it appeared that my blog had disappeared.

Quickly I followed my computer's book mark to my blog.... and looked in HORROR  at the web address:


Sally Sews SomeTING!!   How did I do that!!!  There must have been a crumb of toast under the letter H that morning....

Anyway, I now have both blog addresses and have the THING one pointing to the TING one and that will have to do!

Big DUH moment!

Oh and I should mention that Sew Christine is doing a GIVEAWAY on her site at the moment.  You should go on over there and check this out!  


Finally - just for fun here's a photo of Patsy in Pink that I did for the Turn FB Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness a while back.  :)

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Cutting Out the Pieces for My Dress!!

It's taken a while to pluck up the courage to finally cut out the pieces for this dress. Luckily however it seems that the Size 12 stated on the pattern does, after all, actually refer to a UK size 12, even if the annotation, "Sizes U.S.A. only" suggests otherwise.  

Bust body measurement it gives as 34" for size 12.  Sounds about right?

Now last time I cut out a pattern I didn't get everything quite right - so this time I'm going to try and do it all a bit more carefully.  I even ironed the fabric and the pattern, and weighted the pattern pieces down with books ready for cutting.....

Except when I started to cut, I realised that books were not enough.  So I pinned the whole lot to the carpet beneath....... is this a standard sewing practice??

Okay so this is just a short post - because I finally plucked up the courage to CUT into the material!! & I'm feeling very proud that I managed to cut out all the pieces for the bodice part of the dress without accidentally cutting off even one of the little triangle marker things! 

The dress saga will continue..........

Thursday, 7 February 2013

The Girls Sew Too! - Coats for the Dogs

 One great thing about having a stash of material, is that when the notion takes "TO SEW"  there is always something in the cupboard to inspire.

This time it was my youngest daughter and my son's girlfriend who got inspired.  Coats for their dogs today!  First we made a newspaper pattern using and existing coat.

And with a bit of help from the dogs transferred it to some material...

Inner and outer trimmed to size... 

Out with the Singer sewing machines...

And here we go...

It's all about concentration

And the end result.... modelled on Honey and .... and ... well Gypsy wasn't here so a toy horse was drafted in to give the idea..

And later.... Gypsy in her new coat!

Two smart dogs I think.