Saturday, 1 March 2014

Saddle Bags for my Scooter!

Next week we're going to Crufts and, as my mobility is pretty rubbish these days, I'm bringing my mobility scooter.

And I thought a few extra stowage places might be useful, cos I really don't want to use the pensioner's wire basket on the front!

Two fabrics.  First a bit of black material salvaged from a "once-used" BBQ cover, from which I made the seat cover.  Then a delightful little piece of doggie fabric that my friend Rosie found, and bought for me, last summer.

Two pockets made, with the black fabric as an inner and the dogs fabric just covering the front.

 Then the two big pockets sewn on to either side of the seat section - and these look way better than a wire basket on the front!

Crufts - Here we come!