Friday, 22 February 2013

Who noticed?

Just recently Sew Christine ( listed my blog in one of her posts.  (Thanks Christine & I've enjoyed reading the other blogs you listed too.... )

The link she used looked right when I read the address (  - HOWEVER when I clicked on the link, it appeared that my blog had disappeared.

Quickly I followed my computer's book mark to my blog.... and looked in HORROR  at the web address:

Sally Sews SomeTING!!   How did I do that!!!  There must have been a crumb of toast under the letter H that morning....

Anyway, I now have both blog addresses and have the THING one pointing to the TING one and that will have to do!

Big DUH moment!

Oh and I should mention that Sew Christine is doing a GIVEAWAY on her site at the moment.  You should go on over there and check this out!  


Finally - just for fun here's a photo of Patsy in Pink that I did for the Turn FB Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness a while back.  :)

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