Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Adding a Zip to my Bag

I made this bag last year, and have enjoyed using it.  It has one annoying feature however, and that is that the top, being just a flap, can't be secured.  

So I thought I'd remedy that.  First step - Cut the offending flap in half.

Next stitch the removed end of the flap, to the other side of the bag opening.

And trim away the extra material.

Neaten up the edges with some matching fabric.

Add one zip to the opening.

I prefer it already...

Remember to leave enough zip out either end to let the bag open.  The discarded bits of fabric became the tags for the ends of the zip.

And there it is - a bag that doesn't keep spilling it's guts out every time I set it down!

The bag was originally made from an old pair comfortable cotton work trousers.  Check out my post here from last year.