Sunday, 20 April 2014

Easter Egg Fun! Naturally Dyed with Red Cabbage!

No sewing today! However I couldn't resist sharing this morning's madness.  Boiled cabbage Easter Eggs!  

Eggs, vinegar and chopped red cabbage.

Boiled hard.

Lifting the egg out part way through and it looks like nothing is happening.  If your eggs were brown at the start, most of the brown will now rub off.

It only rubs off when the egg is wet. Here you can see the paler egg colour beneath.

A rubbed down egg!

The eggs look purple when wet, but they dry to a bluey colour. Daubing more drops of the cabbage water onto the egg as it dries creates interesting patterns.

The result - an assorted pile of interesting egg colours.

Now they just need rolled down a hill somewhere. 

Saturday, 5 April 2014

Saturday Sewing.

Kerry called in today and we got the sewing machines out. Here's what she was working on.

And to get in the sewing mood we put "Great British Sewing Bee" on in the background.  (Thanks iplayer.)

I had an idea to make another patchwork jacket using an old fleece as a base.  This time in blues rather than reds.  (Previous post here: Crazy Patchwork Jacket)

The donor fleece was an old work fleece of Tim's.  I cut out zip, cuffs, and pockets.  Then unpicked the underarm seams all the way to create this roughly flat shape.

It was a bit large, so I used my earlier jacket as a template and trimmed away the excess.

With a little help from Finn, I pinned more fleece over the holes left by the pockets.  (Check out what else Finn gets up to here Ability for Agility.)

Patchwork fabrics were mostly blue this time, and sewn on using a zigzag stitch, which is much quicker than the turn-under method I used last time.

Kerry meanwhile was also getting help from Finn.

As she started to lay out the layers of material for her quilt.  This is to be lighter than the last couple she has made, so the inner this time is simply a cheap fleece throw from Ikea.

Then the tiresome job of stitching in the ditch in all directions, with the rest of the quilt rolled up.  

On the jacket, I decided that I wanted a smaller collar than was already on the fleece, so I trimmed it back, and used the trimmed portion as a template to cut a curved piece of denim to fit.

As the collar stands up, the outer edge of the denim needed snips cut in it, and these were hidden under the patch pieces coming up to the neck line.

This is how far I got today.  So far I'm pleased with it.

But both quilt and jacket will have to wait until another day to get completed.
Watch this space!

Saturday, 1 March 2014

Saddle Bags for my Scooter!

Next week we're going to Crufts and, as my mobility is pretty rubbish these days, I'm bringing my mobility scooter.

And I thought a few extra stowage places might be useful, cos I really don't want to use the pensioner's wire basket on the front!

Two fabrics.  First a bit of black material salvaged from a "once-used" BBQ cover, from which I made the seat cover.  Then a delightful little piece of doggie fabric that my friend Rosie found, and bought for me, last summer.

Two pockets made, with the black fabric as an inner and the dogs fabric just covering the front.

 Then the two big pockets sewn on to either side of the seat section - and these look way better than a wire basket on the front!

Crufts - Here we come!

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Adding a Zip to my Bag

I made this bag last year, and have enjoyed using it.  It has one annoying feature however, and that is that the top, being just a flap, can't be secured.  

So I thought I'd remedy that.  First step - Cut the offending flap in half.

Next stitch the removed end of the flap, to the other side of the bag opening.

And trim away the extra material.

Neaten up the edges with some matching fabric.

Add one zip to the opening.

I prefer it already...

Remember to leave enough zip out either end to let the bag open.  The discarded bits of fabric became the tags for the ends of the zip.

And there it is - a bag that doesn't keep spilling it's guts out every time I set it down!

The bag was originally made from an old pair comfortable cotton work trousers.  Check out my post here from last year.

Saturday, 7 December 2013

At Last!! Sewing Machine Mended!

The feed-dogs were broken, and apparently there were no replacements in the country!
 A 6 week lead time turned into a rather longer wait.

However, today the mended machine was collected and so WATCH THIS SPACE....

Sewing madness will re-commence shortly.

Oh .... and I suspect that very shortly Sally Sews Something will hit 10 000 page views!  :)

Sunday, 24 November 2013

Thoughts on Sewing and Stuff!

My sewing endeavours have taken a bit of an extended break due to the delay in a replacement part arriving to fix the feed-dogs of my Singer.

Yet all around me sewing continues.

It seems that once the sewing bug strikes it becomes infectious, because several friends have taken up sewing and are likewise inspiring others around them.  My good friend Rosie has even been to a Saturday Quilting Day and there managed to meet Gillian, an extended family cousin, also sewing.

Actually the pictures above are not so recent.  The last one shows the bits I used to make a tug toy for my puppy Finn.  Hopefully he and I will be able to start competing in Agility next year.  (Agility Blog)

And in the mean time I wish those feed-dogs would hurry up and arrive so that I can continue some sewing.

Sunday, 1 September 2013

A Request for Help.

Friends  please could you consider signing and sharing this petition. Karina Hansen is a severely ill ME sufferer. She has been forcibly removed from her parents' care by psychiatrists. Her parents have been denied contact with her.

I am moderately affected by ME (and this has affected my life dramatically). I cannot imagine how awful it would be to be removed from my family and treated as though I just imagined that I was ill!

Avaaz Petition: Justice for Karina

As a result of coming down with ME I have lost my job and the ability to do many of the things I love.

I have however had the full support of my family, friends and doctor: who all understand that this is a very physically disabling illness.  I am coping relatively well by using a mobility scooter to get about and my family are helping me to keep positive by facilitating activities that I can enjoy.  

Karina is in her early twenties and has been removed from the care of her family.  She is much more severely ill than I am, and I find it hard to imagine that a civilised country could treat anyone this way.

Please help the ME community take a stand against this outrage!

Please sign and share widely.  Thank you.