Friday, 28 June 2013

Making a Row of Button-Holes - Ta Da!

Well I've finally finished the shirt and it was certainly worth waiting for the sewing machine to be mended so I could use the automatic button hole feature.....

Here's one of the buttons being used to set the size of the button hole.

Whole thing then attached to the machine, and the button hole stopper brought down to lie between the two guides on the buttonholer.

Then, of course a few practice runs on some spare material to find out where the button hole runs once the fabric is put in place.


I found to get my button holes in the right place I wanted to put the buttonholer almost to the edge of the fabric and then the button hole stopper against the back guide.  Like so:

Then it's just a case of putting the foot down and letting the machine do it's thing to produce button holes as marked on the fabric using the pattern guide.  I'm quite pleased with these.

After cutting the fabric inside each button hole I then marked through the button holes onto the fabric of the other side of the shirt using a biro.

 And this gave a guide for where to sew each button.

 Resulting in a nice row of buttons on my first ever shirt/blouse!  Yay!

Just need some warmer weather again now, so that I can wear it without covering it in layers of fleecies for warmth!  

PS.  Previous post regarding this blouse here: A Blouse - or an Origami Puzzle?


  1. Very nice :) I make my buttonholes by hand...when I have to. ;D

  2. I'm still awed that you can make real clothes. :)

  3. It has turned out to be a beautiful blouse Sally. And well done on the buttonhole foot - I still haven't got mine tamed.

  4. Love my buttonhole foot! Yours turned out beautifully. Well done!

  5. Thank you all for your comments.... tpals - I have to admit to being a little surprised myself! lol

  6. It's a great looking shirt. Are you planning more? Because those buttonholes are perfect!

  7. What amazing button holes I feel like I want to give them a try but I don't have anything that needs a button hole - shame x x

  8. Great shirt and buttonholes. Nothing quite like an automatic buttonhole feature on a sewing machine when it works properly.

  9. I have the same attachment on my Janome, and can virtually do buttonholes blind now! Well, not quite, but you know what I mean. Your shirt is just brilliant - there will be no stopping you now...J

  10. looks amazing and all from that jumble of paper and fabric you showed us not so long ago. Keep up the good work love following your projects , makes me feel anything s possible

  11. Thanks for your lovely tutorial. I still find it a challenge to sew with a button hole machine. My button sewing machine is quite hard to use. Can you recommend any easy button hole machine?
    Thanks to your tutorial I was able to sew a very nice button attachment :)

    1. Thank you for this lovely comment. I have a Singer Confidence, and this is the button hole attachment that came with it. To be honest these are my first button holes using it and I was amazed that I could do them so easily!!


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