Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Still Learning - A Summer Top this Time...

Of course I should have bought a pattern on ebay or somewhere and waited for it to arrive.... but I'm learning!

This is the end result:  (Can you tell we haven't had much sun here yet!!) 

So, I started with an old tee-shirt and some newspaper:

And some rather stretchy fabric:

I got adventurous with some of the shapes I used - this is my version of some bust allowance:

 And here are all the pieces cut out - weighed down with what came to hand:

The smaller piece crosses over behind the bigger front piece:

Then I added the gathers on the top seams as that looked a little less "Mrs Doyle from Father Ted" - ish.

 Next project WILL involve using a real pattern!

Thanks for modelling Elaine.... :)


  1. Brill effort - without a pattern!!! You're too courageous.

    1. Ha ha! I think, having seen all your amazing SWAP creations, I'm working on SWOAP! Oops! ;-)

  2. It turned out quite well - love your pattern weights, especially the waggy tailed one.

    1. Thanks SarahLiz - Patsy and I were out today doing an agility competition - and for the first time I competed using my mobility scooter. Not perfect, but I'm home chuffed to bits with her! :)

  3. How marvelously clever! I am just amazed at your ingenuity.

    Hope you are doing much better, Sally. Love the blog and thanks for stopping by mine - for reading, and for signing up! See you soon! xx

    1. Thank you Irene. All a bit of fun... Looks better with a blue T underneath.


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