Monday, 8 April 2013

Simple Skirt - A Learning Curve!

I was inspired by the A line skirts made on the Sewing Bee programme last week. 

I especially loved the flowery one Ann made, and as I have some nice material with red roses on it, I thought that a new skirt made from this would be a fun idea.

Right well, I don't have a pattern - so I thought "How hard can it be?"  (LOL)

I didn't cut straight into the roses material of course and so instead used this jolly stuff...  (an ebay "bargain"!)  

I started by measuring: my waist; my hips at the widest point; the distance between waist and hip lines; and finally the total skirt length. 

Easy so far.

I then worked out how much material I'd need to loose in darts - taking most of that out at the back.  I then added a seam allowance and a little rise on either side of where the zip will go.  And that was my pattern!

I ruled the dart lines directly onto the fabric..... 

Then stitched it all up and even added a zip - let's face it I need practice with zips!

Now before I put it on, I thought it looked fairly alright....

BUT once on, I could see that I had been much too generous measuring my waist.... I had thought I didn't want it too tight... hummm... at least the bum fit is better.

Little darts on the front - almost invisible -or is that because the photo is out of focus?

Anyway, this was a bit of fun!  And has given the girls a giggle....  Now I just need to apply the obvious changes and have another go with the roses material.  Watch this space!


  1. I think you are on the "right track" ... only slightly adjust your waist measurement and add a waistband ... this can be a great skirt! Love the print, so original.

  2. Thanks Rosy... I re-measured my waist and believe it or not got a measurement 5cm less than last time!!!! I have no idea WHAT I did before! Duh!

    As for the fabric, I have metres and metres it (blame the ebay clicky finger!) so I was really just using it as a mock up to check the pattern before I cut into the roses material.... It is fun fabric though.....

  3. How brave to attempt to make your own pattern. The Sewing Bee is fab, am just off now to watch last nights on catch up with a nice cuppa ... Lovely Blog ... Sarah x

    1. Thank you! :-) A few adjustments and I'll be good to go with the roses fabric...

  4. Sally, I have a hundred A-line skirt patterns (well 2 or 3) which you are more than welcome to have and use. Really good try though. You are drafting - which is a whole different ball game to sewing! Don't like to make things too easy for yourself, do you?

    1. Thanks Ruth... but I think I'll persevere cos the next attempt can only be better! LOL Famous last words.....

      & I've gotta live dangerously some-how - now that I'm not teaching!

  5. From a first dress to pattern drafting a skirt - very impressive! Can't wait to see the progress :-)

    1. Funny thing, but most of my sewing has been self-drafted ----- ie little dog coats etc. Patterns are nearly more scarey! Really need to get going again on this skirt project...... :-)


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