Sunday, 24 November 2013

Thoughts on Sewing and Stuff!

My sewing endeavours have taken a bit of an extended break due to the delay in a replacement part arriving to fix the feed-dogs of my Singer.

Yet all around me sewing continues.

It seems that once the sewing bug strikes it becomes infectious, because several friends have taken up sewing and are likewise inspiring others around them.  My good friend Rosie has even been to a Saturday Quilting Day and there managed to meet Gillian, an extended family cousin, also sewing.

Actually the pictures above are not so recent.  The last one shows the bits I used to make a tug toy for my puppy Finn.  Hopefully he and I will be able to start competing in Agility next year.  (Agility Blog)

And in the mean time I wish those feed-dogs would hurry up and arrive so that I can continue some sewing.


  1. What a delightful blog! I'm happy to have discovered it...I'm a retired science teacher, love to sew my own clothes, have jack russels and struggle with my own health concerns.

    1. Thank you Mary for your lovely comment. Just been over to your blog and admired your horse - winter woollies and all. :) I'll need to sneak in a horse photo next time ;)

  2. So glad you machine fixed do you think we might manage a few stitches before Christmas, if not just think of all the fun on the New Year.
    My New Years resolution...... To make a lap quilt for the sofa. Just think this time last year I was still using wunderweb to take up all my hems. Thank you for the help and encouragment to try something new . ;)

  3. Well, what a lovely day it was at Quilter's Quest. The sewing was great & the craic was likewise. Sewing rocks, Sally (another blog title, perhaps!) and I'm looking forward to seeing your next creations for inspiration. I hope you had a great Christmas & Happy New Year!


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