Friday, 19 July 2013

Summer Sewing!

My daughter Elaine has been on a real sewing spree!  She said she'd do a guest post here, but is now rushing out on some social whirl and so has left me with some photos to share of her summer creations.

The first item is a dress that she made from fabric I had stashed, and mighty fine it looks too I think!

Edit to add picture of pattern used by Elaine 

She also bought some floaty material on our recent excursion to the fabric shop in Carrickfergus and made this neat little top (copying the outline pattern of one of her existing tops).  She made the skirt to go with it.

Finally her last item this week was this flowery top.  She and her friends went back to the shop in Carrickfergus last week, and this material and the skirt material came from this second foray.

And her friend Joanna, who had never used a sewing machine before, got very inspired to create a bag for herself out of some rather vibrant fluffy fleece material!

This fully lined bag was the end result!  Way to go Joanna!


  1. What a busy little sewing bee Elaine has been and what lovely results, all wonderfully modelled as well . So glad that she is having such fun with making her own clothes :)

  2. How fun that your daughter is sewing and probably getting her friend into sewing too..yea..
    Tell her, she did and excellent job.. Love all the things she made.. SO cute. And Love Joanna's bag..cute.

  3. Thank you both. t was a fun day - the two girls took over the kitchen table for the day and just sewed and chatted. Sounds all quiet and idyllic, but we are also renovating the kitchen, and have just got a new and boisterous puppy, who LOVED the fluorescent fluff!! LOL

  4. I think your daughter has a real flair for dressmaking - what lovely little pieces she has made. Looks as though you have a nice fabric shop near you, which certainly helps the inspiration. The bag is certainly eye catching, lol's

  5. I am so impressed with the girls' work - much better than I ever managed. My daughter has no chance of inspiration from my needlework - mending only.

  6. What a great post-your daughter and her friend have not only made cute stuff, but also memories to share.

  7. Good to see young people sewing!! Cute dress and top and very interesting bag!!

  8. Thank you all for such lovely comments. Elaine is smiliing.... :)

  9. Well I AM impressed! Excellent sewing, I never really got my head around sewing clothes for myself - tried when I was their age but my mom came to the rescue and took over! I never really got back into it - may be I should give it a try again.....! Well done girls!

  10. Hello Sally - I'm Joyce from Cookstown and have had a good read and thoroughly enoyed your blog which I've come across at The Sewing Forum....first of all Congratulations to Elaine and her friends...great work!
    I have only recently come back to sewing as I am totally underwhelmed by the cost of a simple dress at the moment. 30 years ago I used to make all my own clothes and then I gave up to concentrate on calligraphy and making cards....however I'm back and have been buying fabric on line but sure nothing beats the touchy feely choosing of fabric and I'm hoping to get over to Carrick sooner rather than later. I have 5 metres of cotton blend jersey to make a top and skirt for the cooler weather and will make the top first as I've not done jersey before and have been inspired by all the encouragement on TSF....and you tube here's hoping I will beat the RTW folk at their own game....we'll see.
    Anyhow if I don't get up and go to the kitchen and start dinner we will be very hungry!!
    Looking forward to reading you again.
    Kind regards

    1. Thank you Joyce for your lovely comments. My eldest two daughters have just been up to Carrick today - and so the kitchen is getting hectic again here. I must take a photo or two. As for me I have finished a couple of items so I really need to do another post on my own creations again..


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