Monday, 1 April 2013

Sally's Sewing Corner

Up until now all my sewing has been at the kitchen table.  Which is all well and good, but means I need to clear everything away each evening ...

I thought I might get more done with a specialised sewing space.  SoI now have a new sewing corner in the kitchen.    TA DA!

A little re-arranging of the kitchen created a space:

Then a quick surf on the internet to find what I wanted from Ikea... 

Some assembly... (Thanks Tim and daughter Elaine.)

Nice wooden top - which I treated with wood oil...

And because the wood oil hadn't fully sunk in yet (and obviously I wanted to SEW), I put some surplus fabric over the work top so I could work on my dress..

Yes the dress IS still slowly progressing (that is it on the chair)... it's not perfect, but so far so good.  Hope to finish it by the end of the week!


  1. Oh, no excuses now that you have your own sewing space! I want to see that dress on you!

  2. Well done Sally, for carving out a little niche for yourself. It's nice and cheerful and cosy.

  3. How lovely, a dedicated space to sew. Isn't Ikea brilliant for craft storage? I have the exact same drawer unit and it's been perfect. :)


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