Sunday, 23 June 2013

Sewing Machine all mended....

Delighted to have my sewing machine back up and running again.  Something had seized in it, and although I'd taken it apart as far as I dared, all I could see was a load of old fluff.   Cleaning the fluff away made no difference, so off it went to the menders.  (A little place on Newtownards Road in Belfast for those local enough to know.)

Turned out there was some thread wound around something vital and  a quick service and a tidy up has it ready to sing again.

So now to read up again on how to do button holes....

And to get started on sewing the Ugandan fabric into a summery top.  I got all the pieces cut last week in readiness.

So watch this space!


  1. Glad you got your machine back. That fabric looks gorgeous, looking forward to seeing what you make with it :-)

  2. Gorgeous fabric. Will check back to see your finished top.

  3. Thank you all for your kind comments... stitching this morning! ;)


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