Sunday, 2 December 2012

Making a Bed for the Dog .....

So here is the little bed I made.  It didn't quite work the way I intended - perhaps you can spot my error sooner than I did!

I started with some fabric, and folded it in four and cut out the shape I wanted to the approximate size of the dog!

Then I marked on a central oval shape.

Stitched the shape most of the way round and lightly stuffed the central portion.

Sewed the centre shut, and started the bias binding around the edges.  I paused half way round.....

 ... so that the stuffing could be added as I went.  So far so good.

However when I got to sewing up the last section, the needle wouldn't go close enough to the last stuffed portion... Oh what a mess....

So - out with the needle and thread to finish the project.

And as that didn't quite work perfectly, I added another bit of bias binding to cover the mess!

My not so neat stitching!

Then I just sewed the other side of the bias binding by hand all the way around.  Much slower than originally intended!

But the end result is still a comfy (if wonky) dog's bed.

And JackJack has already claimed it as his own!  :)

 Next time I'll use a different method!

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