Saturday, 10 November 2012

Messing around with Sewing Machines

2012 has got to have been the year for Sewing Mania in our household.  Early in the year I'd got out the sewing machine that I inherited from my grandmother (a 1934 Singer) and started making various little things.

And the family got interested too       .....  (my god-daughter on the left ;) )

And to keep them all from borrowing my machine all the time I went onto ebay and bought some more second hand machines.  One is dated 1890!  And - with minor tweaks - they all work beautifully!

My eldest daughter got very into making quilts:

And managed to quilt it up using the old Singer rather well....

Other little projects were less ambitious 
And sometimes a bit silly!  Say Hello to Honey the mobile pin cushion.

And here's my dog Patsy in her new rain coat!  I made the mistake of giving her a haircut in February.... and then realised she was a bit cold on walks!  This is made from an old fleece and an old anorak.

These Singer machines are so durable and solid.  All in all a day around the kitchen table with sewing machines is a great way to spend a day.  This picture was probably taken in Feb 2012, and we've had a couple more sessions since! 

 "Stitch and Bitch" as a friend calls this sort of session!

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