Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Great Northern Irish Sewing Bee??

What fun we had today.

Me, my friend, and a collection of daughters had a good old stitch and bitch sewing day!

So here are the collection of sewing machines lined up ready for use in the kitchen sweat shop.....

And a few fat quarters and other fabric bits and pieces all laid out to look tempting....

First Debate.. then  Choose...... 

and Iron and Cut out pieces......

Next man the machines....

Iron out wrinkles as they happen....

And stitch some more.....

Those of use who started with a cuppa then got to dive in and sew too......

A quick pause for a smile....

Lots of concentration....

Another  scruffy pony in the making....

 And finally the end products of a good day's stitching...

One scruffy pony, a bow clutch bag, two zip-up make-up bags, a coin purse, a beach tote and a short skirt (folded on left)..

We WILL all sleep well tonight!  :)


  1. HAd a wonderful time and am so pleased with my little creation . It may be the smallest piece there and it may have taken the longest time but as the mum on Miranda say ....What fun !!

    1. It was a good day's effort for sure... Must try for another session. :)

  2. That looks fun. I'm not sure where I'd find time, but I wish I had a group to do this with.

    You have four antique, manual sewing machines??? Cool!

    1. We've been meaning to do this for quite some time.... ;) And today everything fell into place. And the old Singers? Well one was my Gran's and a year ago I took the notion that my 3 daughters should each have one... Theirs were all bought unseen from ebay and posted here. None were expensive, and a little tweaking got them running smoothly again. The oldest is from 1892.... One day I'm going to do a post dedicated to them. ..... one day....

  3. What a terrific way to spend an afternoon! I have enjoyed seeing the machines. I own a 1896 Singer Treadle, a 1956 Featherweight and a Singer 99. They are so enjoyable to sew on. Right now all my garments will be sewn on the treadle. :) m.

    1. Old machines have a lovely solidity to them that newer plasticky ones just can't match. I'd love to try a treadle....

  4. wow well done everyone. The first thing I sewed was a clothes peg hanger for the washing line. The machine was so fast I had to double check I had all of my fingers. (I think I just had a heavy foot on the pedal). We could do with a sewing get together around here :D - (I'd better just stick to making the brews).

    1. Sewing is satisfying though... all the mental thought that goes into getting the right bits in the right places before stitching. :) (Oh and the occasional unpicking! LOL)

  5. Oh what fun you must have had! I do so love a sewing get together!

  6. just an update :-
    That afternoon my DD and I fell totally in love with hand cranked machines. We had tried the electic machines and spent more time unpicking than sewing.
    Anyway through a friend we found a 1960's hand cranked machine which although functional did not have the beauty of earlier machines.
    Then I tried E-Bay , initially it seemed I wasn't going in with a high enough max bid and lost out in the final minutes to others. Then bingo I found an old mchine and placed my bet. two days later the machine waa mine all for £13.50 !

    I then discovered why it was so cheap - The item was collection only!!! It would take one plane ride, two trains and a bus ride for me to collect in person. Eventually the wonderful seller arranged P&P and I am now just waiting for my delivery
    So will have to get up to speed using the machine before I host my own sewing bee but lets hope its not too long.

  7. Great news about your sewing machines.... and so looking forward to our next sewing bee! :)

  8. Love seeing those sewing machines! What a lovely thing for each daughter to have!


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