Sunday, 5 May 2013

The Simple Skirt Story and other Snippets.

I managed to tweak the home-drafted skirt pattern and finish it in the roses material... and Elaine has "borrowed" it to go out tonight!  Now if that's not success, then I don't know what is!  Pictures further down....

In other news - I got a free motion quilting foot for my Singer, and had a bit of fun experimenting...

This is a mat that sits under my machine to dampen the noise of it sitting directly on the wooden table top.  So nobody sees all these beautiful swirls!  LOL.

Okay here's a glimpse of the partly finished skirt.  The zip is in but the top not finished.  I had hoped to put on a waist band and was consulting "the book" when it turned out that Elaine wanted to wear it out tonight.

Kerry meanwhile is on another quilting spree.  She spent yesterday cutting squares from the fat quarters I'd bought, but not done much with yet....

She's sewing everything using her hand-cranked Singer because of course I'm struggling to finish the skirt in time on the electric one.....

Of course, I didn't end up with time to put a proper waist band on the skirt, and instead just did a rolled hem along the top.

But Elaine decided the skirt was cool... so who am I to argue?

I gather she'd like lifted at "late o'clock" 


  1. The definition of success! It's gorgeous fabric.

    1. Cheers.... and Elaine tells me she got lots of compliments. There's still some of the roses fabric left over.... Ebay has some brilliant bargains sometimes. I think what I used for this cost me less than £2!!

  2. Wow the skirt is lovely, very professional-looking!

    1. Thank you Aimee... It was a fun make... (Sorry I missed replying to this earlier.)


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