Sunday, 19 May 2013

Little bits of Sewing

Just a couple of fun bits of sewing DIY:

A new case for my glasses made from: the last of an old quilted coat; a ribbon that came on a gift; some cardboard to give it strength and a little bias binding.

I got a new Kindle - as after 3 years I managed to wreck the first one. So I made a cover using the same idea as the glasses case but with some old fleece as padding.  (Note to self - trying to quilt fleece is NOT as fun as I thought it might be!)

And that's about it on the sewing front.

The garden however has finally decided that Spring has arrived, and at last everything is growing.

I think I need to get my teeth into another bigger project again....  and I'm not quite sure what.  However I've a couple of editions of "Sew Today" here and a list of blogs to browse, so I'm sure inspiration will not be far away....  


  1. I've been thinking it would be nice to have a place for my cell phone when gardening. No pockets, no belt so maybe something that could attach to a shirt without getting in the way? ;)

    1. I was thinking about this too actually... although for me it would be to use when out with the dogs. I thought a sort of sleeveless jacket with big pockets for dog treats, and then a small internal chest height pocket for the phone would be good.....

      I also wondered about a case you could strap to your upper arm, like you used to see folk with for running. Either that or a gun-holster style phone holder LOL! Or perhaps not. Hmmmm....

      Think the waistcoat sort of idea would work best for me...


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