Friday, 29 March 2013

Getting Organised......

So it's been a hectic couple of weeks and the sewing machine hasn't left the cupboard!  I've also neglected my blog and indeed I've still to follow up on the lovely awards that SewRuth sent me before Christmas!

So I'll get organised now to update you all on our trip to Crufts and our recent Boiler mishaps. Then  I'll do another post to follow up on The Award SewRuth gave me, and my selection of my favourite blogs!

Crufts!  Great fun all round.  Honey didn't take stage fright, although she was a little cautious on her first round.  Second competition was a different story and she seemed to cope with the crowds and the noise and   to our delight the team they were part of came 4th - so we came home with a beautiful Crufts rossette and lots of smiles!

Boiler Chaos!
Friday morning last week and we had no heating.  Tim investigated and as he did so the boiler blew out and covered the boiler room and kitchen in a fine layer of soot!  Then the electricity went out and a look outside told us we were snowed in!  Hectic! 

Luckily we have a generator in the shed, and Tim has  "Little Devil" gas fired blower thing which was drafted in to warm the kitchen.  We remained snowed in and without mains electricity until Sunday evening, and all did a lot of mopping.  I didn't look in the boiler room 'til this week - because of course it is also our laundry room!

This week I've spent all week washing towels, sheets and clothes that were clean before the boiler mishap!  We're still finding soot in unexpected places....  but I think we're winning now!

Oh and guess who had a birthday!

So more sewing soon......

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