Monday, 4 March 2013

A Little Progress on The Dress

I finally got all the pieces cut out.  I also decided to try and line the dress, and so cut out all the bits again in the lining material.   Well except the arms.... I'm not sure lining the arms is a good idea.....

I managed to sew up the top half in the lining and put it onto our "Suzie".  My middle daughter chose the name - she also made Suzie the same size as my dimensions..... which I was disappointed to note required more expansion round the bum than the bust!

I sewed up this section with the real fabric as well, and managed to insert the zip, but then forgot to take another picture......  

And at this point the project will have to go on hold again for a bit....  Honey our JR Terrier is going to Crufts to compete in the YKC Agility classes on Thursday and Saturday - So I'll finish with a couple of Sunday's club practice session.

Her show name is "A Taste of Honey"  


  1. Oh clever Honey! Lovely to see the JR's at Crufts.

  2. Great that you're making progress on the dress! And Honey is so cute! :)


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