Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Sally Sews Something! My New Blog.....

Sew, this is my new blog where I hope to post some sewing projects and perhaps put up a "How I made...." or two.

In the meantime here is a bag I made using the tutorial found here:
Link to Noodlehead Tutorial: Messenger Bag

Computer page up and materials selected.  Old pair of grey work trousers for the main body, a couple of pink fabrics and my first ever home made bias binding (green) made using this tutorial

Close up of those fabrics

I cut the grey pieces at a slight angle, so the leg seam is diagonal.  Also added a pocket with a few folded pleats for fun.

Front flap details almost done. 

Cutting the panels for the front and back of the bag. 

Oh and I forgot to take more photos, and so suddenly you can see the end product!

Ta Da!


  1. Hi Sally! Glad to see you've 'joined' the virtual world.

    1. Thanks Ruth.... loads to learn before I compete with you!

  2. lovely bag well done. and welcome to the blogosphere :)


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