Monday, 22 October 2012

Scruffy Ponies: A Picture Tutorial

These ponies are based on ponies that a great aunt of mine used to make when I was a child.  The pattern is not identical (my ponies are smaller) but I think they are a good tribute to the little herd of ponies she created for me many years ago.

The variations are endless.....  so start by choosing a fabric and tracing out the pony shape.  I just draw straight onto the back of the fabric. If you look carefully you will see that I have folded the material in two, and then folded the fold up again, so that I can cut the gusset at the same time.  

Then cut out leaving your seam allowance to the outside of the marked lines.  You will end up with two body pieces (full horse) and a gusset (which looks like 4 legs!).

I then draw the outline onto the lower piece as well - these will be the sewing lines.

The gusset (seen to the left in the picture above) is turned the other way out, and lined up between the two main outlines ready for sewing.

Leave an opening at the top of the neck.  Sew the top part of the body from the point where the gusset ends to the opening on each side.  Remember to back stitch at each end of stitching.

Next separate the leg sections, and sew one pair of legs at a time.

Your stitching will be running from where the gusset meets the body, over the legs to where the gusset ends on the other side.  Back stitch at start and finish.

Then the other pair of legs

Next the concave bits of stitching need the fabric snipped to prevent puckering when the pony is turned right way out.

I snip off the points of the toes too.

Next turn the pony skin right way out.

Ready to stuff.

Stuff quite firmly.

The legs will look splayed at this stage - don't worry.

Stitch up the opening, and choose fabric for the ears.  I use felt.

Ear shapes all cut out.

Fold ears in half and stitch on.

Next sort those splayed legs by taking a few stitches to join the legs.  Fold the gusset up in into the body beneath the stitches.  The excess material will give your pony a cute little fat belly.

Do the back legs the same way.

Now the pony stands up.

Sew in some eyes with thick black thread.

Wind your chosen yarn for the tail.  Leave it in loops as you stitch it to the body of the pony.

Then once the tail is secured, cut the loops and tidy up the ends.

Use two or three fingers to wind yarn for the forelock and mane.

And stitch into place through the loops.

Continue down the crest of the neck, adding bunches of mane as you go.

Once completed, cut the loops and frizz up the mane.

And  your scruffy pony is finished!

Showing off both sides!

I have photographed the outline pattern below - looks a bit messy as I damped it down to make it lie flat.

Please feel free to use this tutorial for making gifts for friends and family. This permission does not include the use of the pattern to make scruffy ponies for commercial gain.

If you have enjoyed using this pattern please consider making a donation to the Let's Do it for ME   fund.

Donate page here: Donate to Let's Do it for ME.  This group are raising funds for biomedical research into ME (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis - also sometimes called Chronic Fatigue Syndrome - although in reality it is much more complex than simple fatigue.)

Anyway, I have made a few more of these ponies and they are being sold both online at  MakeMe Crafts (within the toy section) and on an Invest in ME charity stand at craft stalls in England.

All proceeds are going to Invest in ME a charity supporting biomedical research into the illness ME.

Thank you for looking....


  1. I remember having a fabric pony as a child - I called him Rufus! Yours are so cute and I love the idea of a patchwork pony

  2. Thank you for your kind comment.... I must dig the pattern out and make a few more.


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